Our Story

Our purpose is helping you find yours

The Center for Vocational Reflection (CVR) was established through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. The primary rationale for the creation of the CVR is to promote opportunities for the students to reflect on what gives life mean, discern vocational direction and engage in service to benefit the local community. We strive to help students develop a sense of selfhood to prepare them for success in life after college.



  1. What is the Center for Vocational Reflection?

We are a center within Threehouse: A Wesley Foundation. Our goal is to get students thinking about their career choices and vocation through a theological lens. We want to encourage students to consider the broader implications of how their vocational choices play a role in creating a life that matters. We want them to consider how they might contribute to the common good, and encourage a little more collectivist thinking or behavior in our very individualistic society.

   2. Does that mean you want everyone to go into ministry?

No. You may be called to be a teacher, and by listening to that call, will have the opportunity to influence the next generation to be good people. You may be called to medical research, and will have the opportunities to make some amazing breakthroughs. You may be called to journalism, ministry, performing arts, business, etc…. There is always the potential to make the world a better place through your actions and daily life, particularly if you are happy with and passionate about your chosen field.

  3. What services do you offer?

Conversation and connections (and a few other things). Our services are tailored to the needs of the student. If you need to come in one time and talk about a choice you need to make, we are here. If you need to reflect on what you learned about yourself through community service or internships, and how this might influence your future vocational options, we are here. If you need help getting connected to said internships or service opportunities, particularly in the area of ministry, we are here. If you want to show that you have really thought deeply about your vocational choices, and you want to put it on your resume, we are here (ask about our Certificate of Vocational Reflection and Service).

  4. Does it cost anything?

No. We are funded very generously by the Lilly Family Endowment through their Campus Ministries Theological Exploration of Vocation Initiative. There is no monetary cost to students, but it may change how you see the world.