What We Offer

Our purpose is helping you find yours

We’ve got an array of opportunities for you at the CVR. We hope you’ll take a look and let us help you find your purpose!


Certificate for Vocational Reflection

We are excited to offer a new Certificate for Vocational Reflection that students can complete and include on their resumes.

Certificate Requirements:

  1. Complete 3 Credit UNI Course POSTSEC 4285: Life & Work: Discerning Values & Vocation (UNI Guided Independent Study course)
  2. Complete 40 volunteer hours (community service, student organization involvement, etc.)
  3. Attend 5 CVR Sponsored Events (leadership retreat, UNI speakers, workshops, etc.)
  4. Mentoring Session with CVR Staff (schedule at least one meeting per semester while working toward certificate)

Event Partnerships

Hosting a training, professional development meeting or other event? We can help! At the CVR, we pride ourselves on not creating additional events – because everyone is already too busy as it is! Instead, we are interested in partnering in planning programs that already exist. The outlook for the partnership will vary depending on the event and can be adapted to fit the unique needs of the event. Please contact Kate Kitzman at cvr.kate@gmail.com to discuss possible partnership opportunities.

Possible event partnerships may include:

  • Leading a self-reflection discussion (especially helpful after a service project, traumatic event, growing experience)
  • Presentation about the CVR programs
  • One-on-one vocational mentoring session
  • Goal setting
  • Difficult conversations
  • Group bonding (through prompting conversation questions)

Internship Opportunities

We are believe that you learn about yourself through doing. And because student time is limited, what better way to learn about ourselves than doing a service while being given a professional experience. At the CVR, we have vast connections with local churches, non-profit organizations, and other employers to help provide your with an authentic experience. Also, with a training Career Advisor on staff, we can easily blend the two worlds of discovering your vocation and preparing for the professional world of full-time employment.